Johnny Depp and Ellen Barkin met on the set of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" in 1998, shortly after Depp's split from Winona Ryder. Back then, their relationship was low-key, but when Depp sued the British tabloid, The Sun, for branding him a "wife beater," Barkin had something to say about their relationship.
When Depp sued The Sun, Barkin testified in front of a British court about her relationship with Depp, alleging that he threw a wine bottle at her while they were dating. Depp stated that the relationship was casual, but Barkin wanted it to be more serious, claiming that her accusations were motivated by a grudge.
Depp explained that they began a sexual relationship, which was on and off, because they were in the same film. He continued by saying, "I didn't feel the same about her as she did me and I suppose from that moment on she became very, very angry and since then I have not spoken to Ms. Barkin. Nor has Ms. Barkin spoken to me."