The Truth About HGTV's Jenny And Dave Marrs' Spectacular Home
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"Fixer to Fabulous" stars Dave and Jenny Marrs love to turn historic properties into jaw-dropping modern family homes. "Historic homes were built with such care and attention to detail," says Dave, adding that newer homes are built to be cost-effective, so they don't have the same charm; he and Jenny also applied this ideology in choosing their own home.
The couple's current home started out as a dilapidated farmhouse. Jenny recalled how Dave was clearly enamored with the property, and although it would be a huge undertaking to renovate the place, she knew she loved it as much as Dave, noting that the house "exuded character and hospitable charm."
The Marrs' turned the farmhouse into a welcoming family house with a touch of down-home atmosphere, including a menagerie of animals and a blossoming blueberry farm. Between managing their property, raising five kids, and appearing on TV, the couple certainly have full plates, but still found a way to share the wealth generated by their fame.
Profits from the Marrs’ blueberry farm fund The Gatehouse Project, a program that provides training and opportunities for orphaned and at-risk children in Zimbabwe. "If you nurture berries and properly care for them, their investment will span decades," says Jenny, similar to "the way we are investing in the lives of the children in our program."