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The Truth About Anna And Valentin's Past Together On General Hospital
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thier beginnings
Valentin Cassadine was supposed to be a full-fledged villain when he first arrived on the Port Charles scene, but he couldn't keep his eyes off Anna Devane and insinuated that they once knew one another. Soon, Anna remembered she knew him from her days with the WSB spy agency, where she may have put a hit out on him.
did he sleep With her?
Valentin truly believed he had slept with Anna during their WSB days and was surprised Anna wanted to pick up where they left off, However, he learned that it was her twin, Alex, who seduced him all those years ago.
did she have A Baby?
In a storyline that came out of nowhere, Anna was remembering more things from her past that she was sure Valentin Cassadine knew. Weirdly, she was having memories of having a child with her stalker, Cesar Faison, but Valentin told himself it was actually Anna’s twin sister, Alex.
Anna's false Memories
In a story only fit for a soap opera, it turned out that a mad scientist had been conducting memory experiments on Anna and Alex, and it was Alex who had Faison’s child. Anna and Valentin did not know at the time that the child, Peter, was just as evil as his father, but they would soon find out.
they Came Full Circle
Anna and Valentin spent much of 2021 trying to catch an on-the-run Peter, sharing many romantic moments along the way. Valentin wasn't there for Anna when Felicia Scorpio clocked Peter over the head with a tire iron, but she did describe Peter’s death to him later, which (weirdly) led to a passionate kiss.