Leah Remini at an event
The Transformation Of Leah Remini From Scientology To Sitcom Star
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Leah Remini, born in Brooklyn, New York in 1970 to Vicki Marshall and George Remini, grew up in a middle-class home and was baptized Catholic but not regularly practicing.
Her early life was marked by her parents' separation and a growing interest in acting, inspired by shows like "I Love Lucy" and dreams of starring as Annie on Broadway.
Remini's mother started dating and eventually married a practicing Scientologist. He introduced the religion to his girlfriend, who joined the church with her children.
Scientology began as a positive in her life. Remini and her family moved to Clearwater, Florida, so she and her sister could enroll at the church's Sea Organization.
Remini complained about the living and working conditions, and eventually, her family left the community. The church claims Remini was removed as they disapproved of her behavior.
Moving to LA
When Remini was 13, she and her family moved to Los Angeles. She dropped out of school in the eighth grade to take Scientology courses, later obtaining her GED.
Her presence in Los Angeles, coupled with the confidence and tools gained from Scientology, notably influenced her early steps toward a career in the entertainment industry.
First Break
Leah Remini's acting career began in her late teens after she impressed casting agent John Levey with her unique quality despite a less-than-stellar initial audition.
Her first credited role was in "Head of the Class," followed by parts in "Who's the Boss?" and a starring role alongside Halle Berry in the short-lived show "Living Dolls."
Big Break
Remini's casting in "The King of Queens," a show that enjoyed a successful nine-season run and earned a Primetime Emmy nomination, made her a famous sitcom star.
During this time, Remini's interactions with prominent member Tom Cruise led her to question the Church's policies and teachings and conflicts with
Scientology officials.