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The Tragic Story of Jennifer Grey Is Heartbreaking
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Using Drugs
Jennifer Grey says her parents were "controlling" and strived for perfection, resulting in a lot of pressure being placed on her as a teenager.
"There was lots of drugs and drinking. All the time," she said in an interview, adding that she had older boyfriends and an unwanted pregnancy, which resulted in an abortion.
Fatal Car Accident
One of the most tragic events in Grey's life occurred in August 1987 when she and her then-boyfriend, actor Matthew Broderick, were in Ireland.
Broderick hit another car, killing its two passengers. Grey says she had a near-death experience, then found herself alone and terrified, the only one alive or conscious.
Broderick survived but was very badly injured and had amnesia. The tragic accident had "very serious traumatic lasting effects." The couple broke up the following year.
Long-Lasting Pain
Grey had emotional trauma and decades of physical pain from the car accident. She found herself avoiding things that she had previously loved, like dancing.
When she joined "Dancing with the Stars" for the show's 11th season in 2010, a neurologic spine surgeon realigned her neck, which would finally relieve some of Grey's suffering.
The star found a small silver lining from the trauma and pain she endured. Because of the focus on her neck injury, doctors found a thyroid mass, a discovery that saved her life.
Patrick Swayze
Grey's chemistry with Patrick Swayze in "Dirty Dancing" was undeniable, but they had a complicated relationship stemming from filming "Red Dawn" in 1984.
"Patrick was playing pranks on me and everybody," Grey said on "The View." "[He was] late and the boss of everybody, and it was just, like, macho, and I just couldn't take it."
She had no desire to star opposite him again in "Dirty Dancing" but chose to do so after Swayze gave her a heartfelt apology ahead of their screen test.
The Set Was 'Cursed'
Grey detailed in her memoir how the set conditions were plagued with rainfall and mosquitos as well as sickness, injury, recasting, and even burglary.
In an interview, Grey said she had food poisoning while filming the famous lift scene in the cold water, though she had to look like she was having fun.