Tara Reid smiling.
The Tragic Life Story Of Tara Reid
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By Bonny Osterhage
The Razzie Award
The Golden Raspberry, aka the "Razzie" award, is the antithesis of the Oscars; it recognizes the worst performances and movies of the year.
Tara Reid earned Razzie nominations in 2004 for "Just Married" and "My Boss's Daughter" and again in 2006 for "Alone in the Dark," an abysmal flop.
Party Girl Image
When you're young, rich, and famous, the world is one big party. So, naturally, Tara Reid and her pals were at the top of every VIP list in the early 2000s.
However, Reid seemingly suffered the worst repercussions due to the negative press around her 'party girl image,' which significantly impacted her career.
Botched Surgery
In 2004, Reid reportedly underwent breast augmentation and body contouring procedures that landed her in the tabloids, where she was ruthlessly ridiculed.
Things took a turn for the worse when an unfortunate "nip slip" revealed the extent to which the surgery had deformed her body, further damaging Reid's self-esteem and career.
Being Targeted
Perez Hilton played a significant role in negatively shaping Reid's image. He publicly and unapologetically dissected every misstep and blunder Reid made.
Reid publicly lashed out at Perez, calling him a "bully" in a series of tweets. She also told BuzzFeed, "I think he's the one that ruined my career, to be honest with you."
The Reality Show
Reid took her reality show, "Taradise," on the road in 2005. It was an E! docuseries that featured Reid jet-setting off to exotic locales.
However, the show was canceled after just one season. It did Reid's reputation more harm than good because of its alcohol-fueled, cringe-worthy moments.