Marie Osmond smiling.
The Tragic Life Story Of Marie Osmond
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By Christine Alexander
A Hectic Childhood
Marie Osmond was three years old when she made her TV debut alongside her brothers on "The Andy Williams Show." However, her success and fame came at a price.
Marie spent most of her childhood performing. “You know, when I was told — 'Can I go out and play?' No, I was working," she told Larry King in a 2001 interview.
Sexual Harassment
In her 2001 memoir, "Behind the Smile: My Journey Out of Postpartum Depression," Marie revealed she had been sexually abused as a child.
While she confessed that there was more than one incident, Marie did not identify her abusers. "They were not people I have ever had a close relationship with," she wrote.
By the time Marie was a teenager, she was already a household name and starred in her own variety show, "Donny & Marie," alongside her brother Donny.
However, she was brutally body-shamed by the people in her studio who threatened to cancel her show if she didn’t lose weight. "I would literally starve myself," Marie told Fox.
Battling Depression
After her son Matthew’s birth in 1999, Marie went into serious postpartum depression. At one point she even left her children with a babysitter and drove away.
Marie detailed her postpartum experience and how she managed to get through it in her 2001 memoir, which aimed to help other women suffering from PPD.
The House Fire
In 2005, Marie and her family suffered a close call when their home in Orem, Utah caught fire. While no one was hurt, the damage from the fire was significant.
According to Marie, the fire was a wake-up call that pushed her to end her marriage. "I realized this home I had created was a facade," she told Closer Weekly.