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The Tragic Life Of Sylvester Stallone
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Facial Deformity
Many recognize Sylvester Stallone's distinctive voice and crooked smile but don't know that these characteristics are due to complications during birth.
Doctors improperly used two pairs of forceps to extract baby Stallone, severing a nerve in his face and causing parts of his lip, tongue, and chin to be permanently paralyzed.
Bullying & Foster Care
Childhood was truly hellish for Stallone, bouncing through various foster homes. He was returned to his parents when he was five but still struggled.
At school, he was an outcast due to his facial deformity. He had behavioral issues and was kicked out of 13 schools and banned by the school boards of Pennsylvania and Maryland.
Physical Abuse
Throughout his childhood, Stallone suffered abusive behavior from both his parents. "I was raised by a very physical father," he said in "Sly."
Although his childhood was full of strife, Stallone believes that parental neglect gave him a desire for validation from an audience, which motivated him to push on.
An Erotic Film
One of Stallone's earliest acting ventures was an erotic film called "Party and Kitty and Studs." He didn't want a porn career but needed to pay his bills.
Stallone had one of the leading roles but said it was tamer than some of his other movies. "By today's standards, the movie would almost qualify for a PG rating," he told Playboy.
Injured In Rocky IV
While filming "Rocky IV," Stallone decided to try a method-acting approach. He asked costar Dolph Lundgren to punch him for real and knock him out.
Stallone said that Lundgren hit him in the chest hard enough to slam his against his breastbone, causing swelling and a labored heartbeat. He was in intensive care for eight days.