Woman's hands neatly putting or displaying a clean rolled up white towels made from organic cotton in bathroom closet. Concept of organizing bathroom linen closet and towel storage with KonMari method
The TikTok Sunday Reset Trend Explained
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The Sunday reset trend on TikTok involves users posting videos of their Sunday routines in a way that is fun to watch (and the hashtag has over 438 million views!). Whether they're cleaning their rooms, organizing their planners, or meal prepping, many creators are showing off their fun but relaxed Sunday routines that anyone can replicate.
Psychologists Dr. Holly Schiff and Dr. Carla Marie Manly say that this trend is enjoyable due to the inspiration and motivation it adds to mundane actions. "Resetting helps with the dread and anxiety that some people might feel ahead of Monday morning," Schiff explains, and Manly adds that these videos help the creator and viewer connect over doing tasks together.
Want to start your own Sunday reset routine? Start by narrowing your Sunday to-do-list down to a few easy tasks that you can consistently do each week, but make sure that your Sunday reset is focused on your specific needs and not what looks appealing online. Make sure to follow up with a soothing activity that can help you relax and curb those Monday blues.