MILAN, ITALY - JUNE 18: Noah Schnapp attends the Fendi Fashion Show during Milan Men's Fashion Week on June 18, 2022 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for Fendi)
The Stunning Transformation Of Noah Schnapp
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Dual Citizenship
Noah Schnapp was born in New York, but his parents, Karine and Mitchell, were originally from Montreal, Canada. While he was raised in the US, he spends plenty of time in Canada, telling the NHL, "I have citizenship here. My whole family lives here and I'm a big fan of the [Montreal] Canadiens. I have a very personal connection to this place."
Passion in Acting
Schnapp fell in love with acting when his family took him to watch "Annie" on Broadway when he was six years old. He said to the National Post that he "came out of the show crying, because I wanted to be on that stage," which prompted him to take acting classes and get an agent.
Big Break
When Schnapp was just 10 years old, his acting classes finally paid off when he landed a small role in "Bridge of Spies" as Tom Hanks' son. Schnapp told AOL, "It was such an honor working with Tom Hanks because he's such a selfless actor," making him realize he wanted to model his own career after Hanks' career.
Voice Acting
In "The Peanuts Movie," Schnapp voiced the character of Charlie Brown, where he spent hours practicing the voice and watching old Thanksgiving and Christmas specials. Voice acting was a whole new experience for him "because you get to work one-on-one in a small booth with a director," he explained.
Stranger Things
Everything changed for Schnapp when he was cast in Netflix's "Stranger Things." At first, he didn't even think he'd have a very big part, saying in 2022, "​​When they were casting me, they told me that even though I'm not around a lot for Season 1, I'd be a major part of a second season — if they got to do it."