AUSTIN, TEXAS - NOVEMBER 03:  Chelsea Clinton attends "Hillary & Chelsea Clinton: A Conversation on "The Book Of Gutsy Women" at Riverbend Center on November 3, 2019 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)
The Stunning Transformation Of Chelsea Clinton
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Casual Clinton
In the early days of her father Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, 12-year-old Chelsea Clinton was often seen in T-shirts and jeans. Her styling more formal as an adult, but she's always had a passion for world change; her shirt in this photo displays advocacy for endangered species protection.
A Glamorous change
When Bill Clinton was announced as the new president of the United States, Chelsea Clinton ditched her low-key digs for something more stately. Not only did she tame her natural curls into tighter tendrils, but she also donned a classic plaid coat and gloves to match the timelessness of her parents' ensembles.
developing style
By the time Chelsea was 15, the former First Daughter had begun to adopt her own sense of style. During one of the Easter celebrations at Washington's Foundry Methodist Church, she looked positively ready to enroll in law school in a smart black dress suit with a collared white shirt underneath.
The Clinton Upgrade
In 1996, Chelsea was spotted on the runway to board Air Force One in business-casual attire, wearing a classic gray cashmere sweater and some snappy dress pants as she joined her father for a family getaway. She had also gotten a stylist to give her beautiful locks a little extra color.
Suited Up
During a trip to New Zealand for the 1999 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, Chelsea stepped out in a stunning blazer suit. The outfit was similar to her mother Hillary's many signature pantsuits; Chelsea could've borrowed her ensemble from the former First Lady’s closet.