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The Sad Reason Susan Boyle Took A Break From Performing
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Following her 2009 win on "Britain's Got Talent," Scottish singer Susan Boyle went on to release eight albums, with her most recent, "Ten," being released in 2019.
However, Boyle took a break from performing between the albums "Hope" in 2014 and "A Wonderful World" in 2016 after a tragic death.
Boyle's older sister, Brigid 'Bridie' McCaw, unexpectedly died in 2015. Boyle told Best Magazine, "After [Birdie] passed [...] I had to take a step back to find where I was going."
Updating fans on her official site at the time, Boyle wrote that she used her year away to spend time with family and friends so they could remember Brigid and "grieve in peace."
However, even during her time away, she did do a couple of performances in South Africa and Tel Aviv for Google, which she noted on her site she got "real joy from."