Prince William and Kate Middleton
The Rumored Reasons Prince William And Kate Middleton Haven't Gotten A Divorce
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Uncommon Marriages
While most regular people get married based on love, passion, and affection, royals choose partners who will reflect well on the crown and protect its image.
There was pressure on the couple to produce an heir. To convince the public of Catherine’s suitability for the position, she upgraded her style and altered her way of speaking.
The Royal Image
If marrying the right partner has the potential to strengthen the crown, filing for divorce has the opposite effect. High-ranking royals are encouraged to stay together.
Divorce is not seen as a realistic option for royals, specifically Kate Middleton, since her position and public image play an essential role in the monarchy.
Avoiding Scandal
Royal divorces bring scandal to the throne, which directly impacts the monarchy's popularity. The divorce of William’s parents is a prime example.
When King Charles III divorced Princess Diana, it rocked the country. Newsweek found that 58% of Brits would have rather seen him abdicate so that William could reign instead.
The Queen’s Warning
Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly so worried about the impact of past royal divorces that she warned Prince William and Princess Catherine not to split.
This sentiment applied to both of her grandsons, with the source claiming that William and Harry were told to marry "for keeps."
Sense Of Duty
The couple feels a strong sense of duty toward the crown. Experts believe that they’re willing to do what is necessary to ensure the survival of the monarchy.
Technically, nothing is preventing Prince William and Princess Catherine from divorcing. If they really wanted to separate from the monarchy or each other, they could.