Prince Charles holding Prince Harry and Princess Diana holding Prince William outside of Highgrove House
The Royal Who May Have Suffered The Most From Diana & Charles' Marriage
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It's well-known that King Charles III and Princess Diana's divorce was unpleasant, and even Prince Harry has taken it upon himself to deliver a truthful understanding of his family to the public in his memoir, "Spare." Although this time was not easy, one person may have suffered from this difficult period more than anyone else.
In an article from The Times of London, Prince William would hand tissues to his mother under the door when she cried, telling her, "I hate to see you sad." A former nanny said, "the atmosphere at home was … toxic," recalling when she heard him tell Charles, "I hate you, Papa, I hate you so much. Why do you make Mummy cry all the time?"
Although he kept a stoic, reserved nature, amidst the divorce, William allegedly started taking his frustration out on his peers, becoming known as "Basher Wills" at school. While his brother publicly discusses the divorce's effect on him, hopefully, William is also dealing with the trauma that was forced on him, even if it's behind closed doors.