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The Restaurant You Won't Believe Queen Elizabeth Owns
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Queen Elizabeth has been described as a "very disciplined" eater by former royal chef Darren McGrady. Her diet reportedly consists of nutritious foods like grilled fish and salad, which is why it's quite surprising that the queen owns a certain famous restaurant, and it's not a fancy upscale grill or expensive steakhouse.
The queen actually owns a certain McDonald’s restaurant about 80 miles from the British capital. While this fact is definitely unexpected, this particular "Maccy D’s" (as they say in the U.K.) is a bit fancier than others, featuring leather sofas to lounge on and menu items such as The Spicy Spanish Stack burger, vegan burgers, and even cucumber sticks.
The Oxfordshire location owned by the queen also has a drive-thru with digital menu boards. While the queen has likely not stepped foot into the place, royal chef McGrady has said that Prince William and Prince Harry loved McDonald's as children, so Princess Diana would often take them there — perhaps they've dined at the queen's location.