Tokyo, JAPAN:  Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido employee Hiroko Ozeki displays an anti-aging sheeted mask called the "Elixir Superieur Recharge Mask",  containing liquid elastin and collagenic extract aimed at improving skin texture and cleaning the pores, at a Tokyo hotel, 06 July 2006.  Shiseido introduced its skin-care products "Elixir Superieur" as it will start a large sales promotion of the new brand from September.  AFP PHOTO/YOSHIKAZU TSUNO  (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP via Getty Images)
The Real Reason You Get Bags Under Your Eyes
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Dark under-eye circles result from poor blood circulation and the pooling of blood under the eyes. Sleep deprivation, stress, and genetics play a pivotal role in the intensity of swelling and discoloration one might experience, but good sleep and skincare routines may help freshen up your skin, unless there is a significant genetic interference.
The fragility of your skin or the way fat is stored in your face are a few genetic factors that can make under-eye bags more severe. While you can’t control your genes, you can control your diet, skincare routine, and other behavior; try to protect your skin from sun damage, avoid rubbing your eyes, and stay away from heavily salted foods.
People with allergies are also more prone to heavy eye bags, since histamines — chemicals that defend your body from outside allergens — can cause darker circles. Keep a check on your allergies and try medications, prop your head up on pillows at night, and follow the other advice previously mentioned to fight the effects of allergies on your eyes.
As mentioned before, skin care is important, but still refrain from rubbing your eyes when removing makeup or washing your face, to avoid blood vessel inflammation. Most importantly, work towards improved sleep quality and be kind to yourself, and the world will see the results of that self-care on your face.