Sia singing into a mic while wearing her wig.
The Real Reason Why Sia Started Wearing Wigs To Perform
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By Sara Traynor
Sia's iconic wig is essentially her contempt for fame in physical form. She went into detail about her rapid rise to fame — and how much it hurt — with NPR in 2014.
In the interview, Sia revealed that the 2011 version of her song "Titanium" was never supposed to exist. However, David Guetta took matters into his own hands.
"He took [Mary J. Blige's] vocal off it, and put my vocal back on, my demo vocal, without asking and released it," Sia explained. "I was really upset. Because I had just retired."
At the time, Sia was dealing with complex PTSD, a fact she revealed in 2020 on Zane Lowe's podcast. The singer was also contending with undiagnosed autism.
Previously, Sia coped with her condition by using alcohol and drugs. In 2010, she decided to get sober and made plans to just be a songwriter instead of a performer.
After "Titanium," the only way that Sia could maintain her sobriety and privacy while performing was with the wig. It gave her an air of mystery that boosted her mental health.