The Real Reason Kate Bosworth Refuses To Date Other Actors
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Just before the first "Lord of the Rings" film hit cinemas, Kate Bosworth started dating Orlando Bloom. However, two years later, Bloom and Bosworth parted ways. While they remained private about their relationship at the time, Bosworth has told Entertainment Tonight why their breakup swore her off dating actors altogether.
Bosworth said there was "nothing bad at all" between herself and Bloom, but she couldn't cope with the overwhelming attention he got, including fans flashing him while she was present. "I knew Orlando before he was famous [...] I mean, if you're just two normal people hanging out, and all of a sudden it just blows up into something really surreal," Bosworth said.
In the same Entertainment Tonight interview, Bosworth said that dating someone in the same profession can eventually be "too much of the same thing." She exactly didn’t heed her own advice to a T, as she later married director Michael Polish, but the couple announced their separation in August 2021, per Vanity Fair.