The Real Reason Fixer Upper Homes Are So Hard To Sell
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Homes renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" can be difficult to sell. The couple once listed a home in Waco, Texas for $679,000, but the average price there is roughly $200,000. Waco-based realtor Matthew McLeod said, "No one is willing to pay extra money because a particular person remodeled their home, whether they're a celebrity or not."
The Gaines' work does get a ton of attention online, but this doesn’t guarantee a sale — most people look at the homes due to the "Fixer Upper" name, not because they want to buy it. An insider said one home brought more than 18,000 views online, when usually a home only gets around 100 views, so the amount of views don’t always correlate with how fast a home will sell. notes that lower-priced properties sell very quickly; for instance, a "Fixer Upper" home that was priced at $219,000 sold after less than three weeks on the market. Realtor Kristin Clements believes Chip and Joanna have a lot of potential in the housing market, but "it's going to take the right buyer who wants to be in Waco."