The Real Reason Dolly Parton Never Had Kids
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Dolly Parton has been married to Carl Dean since 1966, and despite their love, the couple has never had children of their own. Many fans have wondered why they never had children, especially in light of Parton's obvious love of children.
Now that the couple is older, they are okay with not having children, because Parton says she would have felt guilty leaving them to go to work. According to her, "Everything would have changed. I probably wouldn't have been a star.”
Parton revealed that she and her husband discussed having children when they first married, but it just didn't happen. Unfortunately, after a partial hysterectomy in 1984, she was told she wouldn't be able to ever have children.
Despite her inability to have children of her own, Parton surrounds herself with them and welcomes them into her life. Parton has dedicated her life to caring for children through her various charities and by decorating her home with children in mind (like her nieces and nephews).