LONG BEACH, CA - MARCH 09:  Brandi Passante arrives at the Grand Opening of Now & Then Second Hand Store on March 9, 2013 in Long Beach, California.  (Photo by Jerod Harris/WireImage)
The Real Reason Brandi Passante Left Storage Wars
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Brandi Passante was a fan favorite on "Storage Wars," the hugely popular reality show that followed storage locker auctions and the ‌people who attend them, thanks to her outstanding eye-rolls and razor-sharp wit. So when Passante and her then-partner Jarrod Schulz departed the show, fans were shocked and saddened.
Passante and Schulz left "Storage Wars" to star in their own spin-off show, "Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job." The show followed the couple as they juggled the management of their secondhand store with parenting their two children in Orange County, California.
Passante and Schulz were never supposed to be in the spotlight, and were cast on "Storage Wars" by coincidence after meeting the producers. Passante stated that working 60-hour weeks and driving great distances to filming locations meant she spent less and less time with her children, even calling the show "a blessing and a curse."
Season 13 was announced on April 20, 2021, with one Brandi Passante espected to return, revealing her surprise return in a March 2021 Instagram post, stating, "Guess What y'all... " During an appearance on "Spirit Talk Hosted by Shavaun and Sabrina" a month previously, she teased her comeback, joking, "Blessing and a curse is what I've always called it!"