The Real Meaning Of An Iris Tattoo
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If you want inspiration for a floral tattoo, the iris is a beautiful flower that has an even more beautiful meaning. Greek mythology tells stories of a goddess named Iris who guided female souls to heaven, which is why people still plant purple irises on the graves of their loved ones; an iris would make a fitting memorial tattoo for this reason.
Irises can also represent "wisdom, innocence, determination, greatness, passion, hope, faith, and royalty," says TattMag. Differently colored irises also have different meanings; white irises are linked with innocence and faith, blue irises can denote “the pursuit of wisdom,” orange irises are perfect for strong-willed people, and purple irises are linked with royalty.
You can also choose from many different art styles for your tattoo, from a traditional outline-and-color design to a delicate watercolor look to colorless, minimalist fine-line artwork. As a final note, the iris is a birth flower for those born in February, so this bloom would make a perfect birthday tattoo that is more creative than the date of your birth or your star sign.