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The Real Meaning Of A Lilac Tattoo
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Flowers are a classic tattoo design, especially since each flower has its own meaning, and lilac tattoos specifically are becoming very popular. There are many different types of lilac species, and the delicate vibe of the lilac is a perfect choice for a small, minimalist tattoo that can still have lots of interesting meanings.
Lilacs are one of the first to blooms of spring, so they represent renewal; consider getting one tattooed to honor a new beginning or important milestone in your life. Different lilac colors also have their own meanings; pink lilacs can symbolize “unrelenting love and passion,” whereas purple lilacs “represent nobility, royalty, and even ambition”.
Lilacs also have historical and mythological lore. In Greek mythology, the nymph Syringa turned herself into a lilac shrub to hide from Pan, who was deeply in love with her; in other cultures, lilacs are associated with love and magic, and the Celts believed these flowers had “magical powers” and were used to get rid of “negative energies.”