Victoria Beckham at an event
The Real-Life Story Behind The Spice Girls' Iconic Nicknames
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Contrary to various rumors and fabricated stories, the iconic nicknames of the Spice Girls originated from a rather unconventional source: a forgetful journalist.
Melanie Brown explained on the Rachael Ray Show in 2017 that a journalist, who interviewed them and was unable to remember their names, casually gave them these monikers.
The journalist assigned each member a nickname based on their distinct personalities. Victoria Beckham was dubbed "Posh Spice" first because she "looks pretty sophisticated."
Melanie Brown was called "Scary Spice," Emma Bunton became "Baby Spice," Geri Horner was named "Ginger Spice," and Melanie Chisholm took on the moniker
"Sporty Spice."
Despite not choosing the names themselves, members like Melanie Chisholm and Melanie Brown have publicly expressed their fondness for their nicknames.