Queen Elizabeth II, dressed for a formal occasion. She wears her family's orders and orders of her kingdom on the sash over her shoulder, and several items of family jewelry.
The Queen's Funeral Broke A Record Previously Held By The Moon Landing
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On September 19th, Queen Elizabeth II's funeral drew in 4 billion viewers, breaking a record previously set by moon landing. In 1969, 650 million people watched Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon; while the queen's funeral beat that several times over, keep in mind that today, more of us own TVs, laptops, and other streaming devices.
Additionally, roughly 1 million people traveled to witness the queen's day in person, on-site — you can guess why there is no such statistic for the moon landing. No expense was spared for Elizabeth II's final homecoming, with British taxpayers doling out millions for the massive security presence needed at the long event.
The historic day was filled with touching moments, including personal notes from King Charles III, Prince William, and Princess Catherine on the queen's coffin. The gesture called back to the time when the queen placed a handwritten note reading "I love you" on her husband Prince Phillip's coffin, as noted by Today.