The Royal Princess Elizabeth (Elizabeth II) holding a Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog, UK, April 1940. Photo by Lisa Sheridan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
The Queen's Corgis Made Quite The Show At Her Funeral
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While dogs are not allowed at Westminster Abbey, where Queen Elizabeth II's funeral took place, the queen's corgis Muick and Sandy were seen outside Windsor Castle waiting on the procession. The dogs were also seen interacting with their future owner, Prince Andrew, outside the St. George's Chapel in the castle.
The queen owned more than 30 corgis over the course of her long life, but decided to stop breeding them in 2015, so that they would not be left behind in the event of her passing. At the time of her passing on September 8, the queen left behind four dogs, including the two corgis, a "dorgi" or dachshund-corgi mix, and Lissy, a cocker spaniel.
In a clip via Sky News, Prince William said of the queen's corgis, "I saw them the other day, that got me quite sad. They are going to be looked after fine." He called them "very friendly" and shared that "they'll be looked after very well,” but Her Majesty's cocker spaniel Lissy will likely go back to living with her original trainer.