Queen Elizabeth has shaken things up since she left Buckingham Palace to live in Windsor Castle, from naming Duchess Camilla as Queen Consort to skipping out on multiple public appearances. Now, the queen has a roommate who may seem unexpected to the public, but perhaps not to Elizabeth herself.
Rumors are circulating that Elizabeth has assigned the role of her "first ever" personal assistant to her "best friend," Angela Kelly (per Harper's Bazaar). Kelly currently serves as Personal Advisor to Her Majesty, but in preparation for her new role, she's moved into a suite next to the queen's private quarters.
Kelly was part of the queen's "social bubble" during COVID-119 lockdown. She has written several books about being in charge of the queen’s wardrobe for over 20 years, and her most recent book, "The Other Side of The Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe," got the seal of approval from Elizabeth herself.
Kelly also worked her way up from an unconventional background, coming from a low-income family and having been divorced multiple times, traits not often associated with the royal family. Kelly still managed to become the queen's "soulmate," as Express UK wrote, and has said herself, "I love the queen and everything about her."