Joanna Gaines described herself and husband Chip as “two naïve kids” when they started their HGTV hit series “Fixer Upper.” Those two kids managed to become wealthy entrepreneurs and even launched their own network, Magnolia, but if it wasn’t for one vital moment on their show, their journey would have ended long ago.
When the couple first tried out for HGTV, they managed a situation in which Chip impulsively bought a houseboat for the Gaines family to live in while their home was being renovated, and Joanna was less than impressed. The couple's witty back-and-forth dynamic was a hit with viewers, and HGTV gave the pair a chance to stay on the network.
The couple has spoken about their early struggles of managing home life, their relationship, and work, and said everyone wanted more television from them, but they were worried about committing too much to something and losing out elsewhere. Even though the show almost didn't happen, “Fixer Upper” ran for five successful seasons.
Chip and Joanna left HGTV in 2017 to focus on their family, saying, “We don't want to run so hard after some dream or some goal only to find out that we've neglected the thing that means the very most to us.” “Fixer Upper” just became too demanding at times, so it seems like the best decision for the pair to move on.