Royals don’t get to be picky when it comes to what they wear at public events — nail polish must be neutral, outfits should always be tailored, and they should wear British fashion designers whenever possible. However, the one thing they can control is the color of their clothes, and Kate Middleton has her own signature color.
If you study Middleton's many outfits, you’ll notice that she loves to wear the color green, sometimes head-to-toe, and this is because she likes to match her clothing to the color of her eyes. Color specialist Gabriella Winters says, “Kate wearing her eye colours make her look effortlessly elegant, glowing and refined.”
Surprisingly, it wasn’t Middleton who first chose to wear green; since 2007, her royal stylist Natasha Archer has been putting her in green outfits, and the fabulous shade stuck. There are other royals who have signature colors, like Camilla Parker Bowles, whose color is blue, and Meghan Markle’s go-to color to wear is white.