LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 11: Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge stands with the Meghan, Duchess of Sussex at Westminster Abbey for a Commonwealth day service on March 11, 2019 in London, England. Commonwealth Day has a special significance this year, as 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth, with old ties and new links enabling cooperation towards social, political and economic development which is both inclusive and sustainable. The Commonwealth represents a global network of 53 countries and almost 2.4 billion people, a third of the worlds population, of whom 60 percent are under 30 years old. Each year the Commonwealth adopts a theme upon which the Service is based. This years theme A Connected Commonwealth speaks of the practical value and global engagement made possible as a result of cooperation between the culturally diverse and widely dispersed family of nations, who work together in friendship and goodwill. The Commonwealths governments, institutions and people connect at many levels, including through parliaments and universities. They work together to protect the natural environment and the ocean which connects many Commonwealth nations, shore to shore. Cooperation on trade encourages inclusive economic empowerment for all people - particularly women, youth and marginalised communities. The Commonwealths friendly sporting rivalry encourages people to participate in sport for development and peace. (Photo by Richard Pohle - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
The Most Inappropriate Royal Outfits
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Island Mix Up
When Prince William and Kate Middleton visited the Solomon Islands, they were supposed to wear traditional Solomon Island outfits. However, their welcoming committee accidentally gave them clothing native to the Cook Islands, some 3,000 miles away — whoops.
Nazi Snafu
Prince Harry was quite the royal rebel in his youth, but he made a fashion blunder in 2005 that simply went too far. A photo of Harry wearing a Nazi costume at a friend's birthday party — swastika armband and all — become infamous after it debuted on the cover of British tabloid The Sun.
Middleton Or Monroe?
When visiting Australia in 2014, a rogue gust of wind blew up Kate Middleton's modest and classy skirt, creating an unintentional Marilyn Monroe-style moment. Of course, photographers took snapshots, and the photos were sent overseas and sold for an unspecified amount.
Fur Pas
PETA publicly slammed Kate when she wore a pair of possum fur-lined Restelli Guanti gloves. Middleton is not the first member of the royal family to wear fur, but she may be the last, given the controversy — plus, King Edward III actually banned royals from wearing fur back in 1137(!).
Skirt Rules
According to Harper's Bazaar, avoiding short skirts is "practically a no-brainer" for the royal family. However, younger royal Princess Eugenie wore an above-the-knee dress at the Commonwealth Youth Forum in April 2018, and wardrobe stickler Queen Elizabeth was likely not pleased.