Jackie Sandler with her husband Adam Sandler
The Major Transformation Of Adam Sandler's Wife Jackie
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Model & Actress
At 5’9'' tall, the stunning Jackie Sandler achieved early success as a model. By the year 2000, she was reportedly earning $5000 a day for her photoshoots.
She landed her first acting role in "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,'' at age 25. The comedy was directed by Rob Schneider, who worked with Adam Sandler on "Saturday Night Live."
Meeting Adam
Jackie’s next role was in 1999 as a bubbly sports bar waitress in "Big Daddy," a movie written by and starring Adam Sandler. The two met and fell in love on the set.
Since meeting, Jackie has appeared in over 20 movies with her husband. In a 2020 Instagram tribute to his wife, Sandler wrote, "22 years ago today we locked eyes and fell deep.”
Converted To Judaism
Less than a year into their relationship, Jackie decided to convert from Christianity to Sandler’s religion, Judaism, a sure sign of her commitment to him.
In August 2023, Sammi Cohen, the director of "You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah," described the Sandlers as the kind of family who welcomes everyone and puts them at ease.
Rumors Of A Split
In April 2000, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that Sandler had asked an unenthusiastic Jackie to sign a prenuptial agreement, causing a rift between them.
Sandler had been filming "Little Nicky," and casting Jackie in the film made the rumor look dubious. His publicist, Cindy Guagenti, described the story as “just vicious rumors."
Love & Marriage
In 2003, the couple got married in Malibu. There were 400 guests present, including Jack Nicholson, Sharon Osbourne, Tom Petty, Jennifer Aniston, and Rob Schneider.
In September 2022, AARP magazine asked Sandler to spill the beans on the success of their union and how, unlike many celebrity couples, they’ve managed to make it last.
Sandler attributed it to enjoying time together, making each other laugh, listening, and being supportive. He added that they never think of not being together.