Michelle Obama smiling while holding a mic.
The Inside Scoop On Michelle Obama According To A Former Secret Service Agent
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By Kristin Conard
Cory Allen is a former Secret Service agent who worked on Michelle Obama’s team, both towards the end of and after the Obama administration.
While reflecting on his time with the former first lady, Allen revealed to Katie Couric Media that Michelle was "bubbly and genuine [...] and remained grounded."
Michelle knew Allen by his first name, and in an interview with OFM, Allen noted that Michelle remembered his name even after he hadn’t been with her team for months.
Allen also talked about how spending time with Michelle, particularly post-presidency, kept him fit. "We did 14-mile hikes [...] and took spinning classes," he disclosed.
According to the former Secret Service agent, Michelle was always cordial and laid-back. "They’re [...] amazing human beings," Allen told OFM while talking about the Obamas.