The Heartbreaking Truth Behind The Flowers At Prince Philip's Memorial
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Almost a year after his death, Prince Philip was given a memorial service befitting of the royal consort. Everything about the service was a tribute to the late Duke of Edinburgh, including the floral color scheme — red, white, and blue, AKA England’s colors — and each flower and color choice held a personal meaning.
Red roses are a traditional symbol of love, and red is the color of courage, so they represented Prince Philip's bravery and as the courage he gave Queen Elizabeth II during their time together. White chrysanthemums were used because they are often associated with joy and optimism, in addition to symbolizing loyalty and honesty.
Blue, which represents freedom and imagination, spoke to Prince Philip’s service as a former naval officer and pilot, and his love of the sky and the sea. Thistles, Scotland’s national flower, were also used since Prince Philip was a royal knight of the Order of the Thistle, the highest chivalry honor in Scotland.
Dendrobium orchids, another beloved flower, were used in the Duke’s memorial arrangements because of their personal significance to Queen Elizabeth II. She carried orchids in her bouquet when she married Prince Philip. Clearly, the Duke is still very much a part of her day-to-day reality.