Morgan Fairchild
The Heartbreaking Story Of General Hospital Alum Morgan Fairchild
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Morgan Fairchild has played memorable roles in some of the best-loved soap operas, but off-screen, she's suffered two attempted abductions and recently lost her longtime partner.
Fairchild began her career as Faye Dunaway's body double in the 1967 film "Bonnie and Clyde," and later starred in classics such as "Dallas" and "Flamingo Road."
Refusing to be typecast, she played her cunning characters authentically, explaining that she preferred focusing on their complexities instead of portraying a mere "bi***."
Humor and quick wit are also part of Fairchild's off-screen persona and may have saved her life. In New York in 1970, she was grabbed by two men and bundled into a taxi.
Instead of being terrified, she impressed her captors by cracking jokes, which led to her release. In the 1980s, a burglar kidnapped her at gunpoint, and again, she was let go.
Eventually, Fairchild showcased her comedic timing by guest starring on classic sitcoms like "Friends." Her role in "Murphy Brown" earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination in 1990.
Fairchild first married when she was 17 and divorced six years later. She never remarried, but she was engaged to her partner of more than four decades, the late Mark Seiler.
Seiler tragically succumbed to COVID-19 complications in 2023. Fairchild urged her followers to cherish their time with loved ones despite her heartbreaking loss.