Cheryl Hines smiling.
The Gorgeous Transformation Of Cheryl Hines
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By Jackie Manno
Humble Beginnings
While bartending in Los Angeles, Cheryl Hines saw a show at The Groundlings improv/sketch theater and instantly knew she wanted to be part of the talent.
"[W]hen I went to this show at The Groundlings [...] I felt like I wanted to do that," Hines told Carrie Brownstein in an interview with The Believer.
The Audition
When Hines auditioned for the role of Larry David's wife in "Curb Your Enthusiasm," she simply did it for experience because she didn’t think she was a good fit for it.
However, when Hines started the audition, she said she and Larry David "just clicked immediately," and she received her offer for the role around four hours later.
Curb Your Enthusiasm
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" was Hines' major breakthrough. In an interview with The AV Club, Hines opened up about how the role changed her perspective on acting.
"It's definitely helped me see comedy in a different way — that comedy doesn't have to be big and over the top with huge laugh lines. It can be subtle," Hines told The AV Club.
Hines' Other Roles
Hines has played many different roles throughout her career. She played Dallas Royce, a lead character, on three seasons of the ABC sitcom "Suburgator."
She also plays CIA Agent Dot Karlson on Season 2 of HBO's "The Flight Attendant." In 2007, Hines originated the role of Becky in the film "Waitress" as well.
Her First Marriage
Hines married producer-manager Paul Young in 2002 and got divorced in 2010. They share the custody of their daughter, Catherine.
The couple has since remained on good terms. In fact, Young also produced a project of Hines' after the divorce, a dramedy series titled "This Close."