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The Bold And The Beautiful Avant Family Tree Explained
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Although they only appeared on the scene in 2013, the Avant family has made an indelible impact on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” They consist of Maya Avant, her younger sister Nicole, her parents Vivienne and Julius, her daughter Lizzy, and finally a British cousin named Xander.
As the first member of the Avant family to appear, Maya was in relationships with several eligible bachelors in Los Angeles before her decision to be with Rick Forrester cemented her as one of the show’s leading ladies. In 2015, it was revealed that she was a transgender woman, a tremendous plot twist that also made TV show history.
Maya’s younger sister, Nicole, initially caused a lot of chaos by revealing Maya’s assigned sex at birth, but she later made up with her sister and agreed to be the surrogate mother of Maya and Rick’s child. However, Nicole’s relationship with her boyfriend, Zende, became strained, and she eventually disappeared after moving to Paris with him.
The storyline of Lizzy, the daughter of Maya and Rick, is mostly related to Nicole’s experience of being a surrogate mother. Nicole found that her bond with Lizzy was stronger than expected and realized that the latter might be her only chance at having a biological child, but she eventually chose to sign her rights over to Maya and Rick.
Xander appeared years after Nicole and the other Avants had left Los Angeles, and his time on the show was both turbulent and short. While pursuing a dead-end romance with Zoe Buckingham, he became complicit in the scandalous “baby switch” storyline in which Steffy Forrester unknowingly adopted Hope Spencer’s daughter, leading to Xander being fired and leaving town.