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The Biggest Scandals Surrounding The Cast Of Full House
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This article includes mentions of eating disorders, drug addiction, inappropriate sexual jokes, suicide, and pedophelia.
In Bob Saget’s 2014 memoir, "Dirty Daddy," he revealed he did whippets (a dangerous way to get high by inhaling nitrous oxide) with co-stars John Stamos and Dave Coulier.
Saget recalled feeling so bored while waiting for a scene to wrap that he had the bright idea to get high from cans of whipped cream, which were intended as props.
In a SiriusXM interview, Bob Saget shared that he, Stamos, and Coulier would do obscene things on set to get a laugh when only adults were present, but one joke went wrong.
Saget once pretended to do sexual acts on a four-foot rubber doll used as a stand-in for his character's daughter but was accidentally seen on a monitor by child actors.
Saget's standup career jokes were mostly explicit, involving sex, drugs, and even pedophilia, like "Married my girlfriend of seven years. That's her age. I'm going to jail."
Just after Mary-Kate Olsen graduated from high school in 2004, her father and therapist gave her an intervention, and she entered rehab for an eating disorder treatment.
It marked the end of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s joint acting career. Ashley later told Elle UK that she wasn’t necessarily done with Hollywood but no longer wanted to act.
Drugs & Alcohol
According to her book, "Unsweetined," Jody Sweetin experimented with soft drugs and alcohol in high school, then got into cocaine, Ecstasy, and eventually, meth.
According to Sweetin, her sobriety began in December 2008 after being investigated by child services for driving under the influence with her daughter, Zoie.