The Best Tattoo Colors For Your
Skin Tone
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If you’re not sure what tattoo color best suits your skin tone, you can’t go wrong with classic black ink. Black ink doesn’t mean your tattoo has to be simple though, because shading adds a lot of dimension, and the ink will stay on your skin longer than pretty much any other color.
For pale skin, any color works, but you want to check your undertones, since some ink colors will clash and not be as vibrant. Pastel and lighter colors will show up on pale skin, but you risk them fading over time, so pick an ink color that will contrast your skin the best.
The trick to getting amazing tattoos on dark skin is to look for a tattoo artist who works extensively with dark skin tones, because they will understand color theory and undertones. You also want to make sure you pick the right ink color, as colors like green, magenta, orange, and red will provide enough contrast to stand out and won’t fade over time.
When it comes to picking a tattoo for lighter brown skin, there are plenty of options, but it’s recommended to stay away from yellow, which won’t be very bright on the skin. Getting bolder, darker colors will definitely provide the contrast to stand out, and Allure recommends getting a “color test” from your tattoo artist.
At the end of the day, there are not any tattoo rules you have to follow, and if you really want a certain color, then go for it! The best thing you can do is find a tattoo artist who knows how to work with your skin tone, and they can help you find the perfect color scheme and tattoo style that suits you.