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The Best Silhouettes For A Pear-Shaped Body
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A pear-shaped silhouette means you have fuller hips, a bigger rear, and smaller shoulders, and your waist is usually bigger than your bust. It’s important to note that weight does not determine your body shape, and it might be even trickier to figure out what clothes suit you best, so we've made a little guide to help you shop with more confidence.
StyleCraze recommends flowy, wide-legged pants and A-line dresses and skirts, or opt for a loose shirt with tight pants; either of these combos will bring balance to your body shape. Peplum and square-neck tops are flattering, and bootcut, straight, and high-waisted jeans paired with pointed-toe shoes will lengthen and even out your proportions.
If you prioritize balance in your styling, avoid lighter colors on your bottom half and try to wear cropped or tucked-in tops, since longer tops will add width to your hip and thigh area. However, if you want to emphasize your natural shape, rock some tight bottoms or whatever else you wish to wear — these suggestions are simply guides, not rules.