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The Absolute Weirdest Things About Pippa Middleton's Marriage
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Worth the Wait
James Matthews and Middleton officially got together in 2016. A friend told The Daily Mail that "After [...] 10 years he finally decided to pursue her…".
The pair first got together in 2012 and broke up due to their eight-year age gap. In 2016, Matthews convinced Middleton to give him a second chance.
Pippa's Mom
If sources who spoke to The Telegraph are to be believed, Carole Middleton had been hoping her daughter would end up with Matthews since the beginning.
Mrs. Middleton had been impressed by Matthews' riches, and probably gave her daughter a gentle nudge when it came to choosing her next boyfriend after her split with Nico Jackson.
Seating Plan
The seating plan for the wedding sparked plenty of discussion. Couples were divided and placed next to strangers so they could get to know other guests.
Speculation was rife that this was less than ideal for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, given she flew from America to be at the wedding and likely anticipated being with him.
According to Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand's book "Finding Freedom," Meghan Markle only attended the reception so she wouldn't take Middleton’s spotlight.
She and Prince Harry were already dating at the time. The media couldn't get enough of them, and chances were good that Meghan would’ve stolen Middleton's thunder otherwise.
A Small Fortune
The wedding, which included an aerial performance, and several vintage cars to drive the bridal party to the reception, amounted to more than a whopping $1 million.
The couple had hinted that their wedding would be an extravagant affair when they sent out lavish invitations, which reportedly cost them $4,500 in total.