The 5 Best Songs To Have On Repeat During Pride Month
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Grammy-award winning artist, Frank Ocean, has acknowledged his sexuality is fluid, much like the smooth and slow track of his song “Chanel.” Ocean has never pinned himself down to a particular LGBTQ identity, but this song suggests the high-end fashion brand symbolizes his interest in both men and women.
What I Need
"What I Need" is a collaboration between two openly queer pop vocalists, Kiyoko, and Kehlani, that addresses the need of having a partner who is comfortable and confident in their sexuality. This single is from Kiyoko’s 2018 studio album "Expectations," that explored many facets of evolving queerness.
"LGBT" by CupcakKe is an upbeat rap with lyrics like, "Don't judge a lesbian, 'cause she don't want you back, man / Judge one of the gays, they drag you from Z to A / And shout out to the bi's, you ain't gotta pick a side." CupcakKe wrote this song "for the LGBT community, stating nothing more or nothing less but it's okay to be you. Don't hide your truth."
Make Me Feel
Janelle Monae came out as nonbinary in 2022, but she's never shied away from discussing sexuality in her music, as evidenced by her 2018 album "Dirty Computer." One song from this album, "Make Me Feel," has elements of funk and an energy that make you want to put it on repeat immediately.
Better Than Me
British singer-songwriter and producer Blood Orange, and pop star sensation Carly Rae Jepsen joined forces for the 2016 record "Better Than Me." This single features a deep ‘80s funk beat that is immediately infectious, and lyrics that will either have you jammin’ out or crying.