Susan Boyle singing.
Susan Boyle's Stunning Weight-Loss Transformation
Lifestyle News
By Britt Hawes
According to The Mirror, Susan Boyle dropped nearly 30 pounds in 2016 after her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis pushed her to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
"It's the bane of my life. I had to lose the weight for my health," Boyle told The Mirror. Chocolate was a favorite snack of hers, which made the dietary change tough, at first.
"I managed to lose weight because I've been doing a lot of walking, a lot of exercise," Boyle explained. "And I haven't been eating any bad foods anymore."
Boyle also seems to be getting her exercise in with some dancing. In a TikTok video shared to her friend's account, a slimmed-down Boyle can be seen showing off her dance moves.
Just like her impressive singing career, Boyle's head-turning transformation proves that with enough dedication you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.