Michelle Obama speaking at a podium
Strange Facts You Never Knew About Michelle Obama
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The Brady Bunch
Michelle’s older brother mentioned her enjoyment of the show at a Democratic National Convention. He said she “managed to commit to memory every single episode.”
Michelle proved her love for the television program in a 2009 interview on “The Jay Leno Show.” In less than 10 seconds, she listed all the kids from “The Brady Bunch.”
World Record
As part of the “Let's Move!” initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama and a group of schoolchildren gathered on the White House's South Lawn to do jumping jacks together.
The goal was to break the Guinness World Record for the number of people doing jumping jacks over 24 hours. The record was broken with over 300,000 people participating worldwide.
Obama got the nickname “The Closer” because of how she could convince a crowd to vote. Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter said, “She knows how to inspire and motivate.”
Michelle used her “Closer” abilities before the 2016 election to try to encourage voters. She spoke at an event motivating voters to think about who they wanted in the White House.