Ivanka Trump smiling.
Strange Facts Everyone Ignores About Ivanka Trump
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By Sara Traynor
The Insensitive Book
Ivanka was lambasted for her bland, surface-level feminism and refusal to acknowledge her own privilege in her 2017 book, "Women Who Work."
In the book, she also uses a quote from Toni Morrison, a renowned Black American author, and insensitively utilizes it to compare slavery with time management difficulties.
The G20 Summit
In a widely shared video, Ivanka is seen attending the 2019 G20 Summit, where she awkwardly nods along as world leaders discuss social justice.
In the video, everyone goes silent when Ivanka tries to interject and turns away from her. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in particular, looks visibly irritated.
Working For Free
Both Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, became White House advisors during the Trump administration and worked without a salary to alter public perception.
However, Ivanka seemingly leveraged her newfound political power to make millions for her business by getting quick approvals and renewals for her trademarks.