Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson
Strange Facts About Speaker Mike Johnson
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Election Fraud Claims
After former president Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, Mike Johnson promoted conspiracy theories. He tried to find legal ways to keep Trump in power.
Post-insurrection, Johnson voted not to certify the Electoral College results. He is second in line to the presidency, yet tried to overthrow the results of a democratic election.
Accountability App
At a "War on Technology" event at a Louisiana Baptist church in 2022, Johnson talks about using "Covenant Eyes," an anti-porn app that sends activity reports.
Some are worried about the potential national security risk Johnson poses as the Speaker of the House having a non-secure, third-party app that can access his data.
Where Is His Money?
For seven years in Congress, Johnson filed a financial disclosure report, but no bank accounts — not even retirement or personal checking — were ever listed.
In November 2023, an investigation was requested into Johnson's finances, questioning his banking, not reporting his wife's income, and trips paid for by someone else.
Johnson's personal beliefs veer into problematic territory as he promotes the idea of creationism, helping get government funding for a creationist theme park.
He has a disbelief in climate change. While scientists want the government to do more to combat it, a House speaker who doesn't believe in it could be a significant barrier.
Gay Marriage
In an op-ed in 2004, Johnson supported a legislative amendment against same-sex marriage, suggesting "homosexual relationships are inherently unnatural."
Johnson claimed without the amendment, there would "be no legal basis to deny a bisexual person the right to marry a partner of each sex or a person to marry his pet."