Not only are crystals beautiful, but many believe they contain healing properties and help their users tap into divine powers. Each zodiac sign has its own sacred crystals that work the best for them, including the passionate and confident Aries, but everyone also has a few crystals they should avoid.
The best crystals for an Aries are rose quartz, to promote love and self-worth; amber, to help them relax and feel positive vibes; and sunstone to help them when they have low energy. Clear quartz can be healing, citrine helps aid in manifestation, carnelian helps ignite passion and courage, and aquamarine brings flexibility into focus.
Aries should steer clear of crystals associated with Saturn and Venus, including black obsidian, moldavite, smoky quartz, and lapis lazuli; these can interfere with the good crystals mentioned previously. Calming crystals like amethyst also don't pair well with vitality- and energy-boosting stones such as the aforementioned carnelian.