Some people keep crystals around to get the good vibes flowing, while others believe using the right crystals will manifest the life of their dreams. You can even combine crystals with astrology; Virgos are known for being practical, detail-oriented, and supportive, and some crystals resonate well with this sign, while others do the opposite.
Red jasper can boost a Virgo's stamina and energy, amethyst can be calming for them, and amazonite can help them accept their imperfections. Virgos may also benefit from aventurine, since it is believed to bring good luck and attract success, while clear quartz cleanses negativity from the body while also improving memory.
On the other hand, Virgos should steer clear of the tiger's eye, since this stone can cancel out amazonite’s good energy, and malachite can also clash with clear quartz. Additionally, keep calming blue lace agate away from your vitality-inducing red jasper, and make sure you use genuine crystals to reach your full potential as a Virgo.