House Speaker Mike Johnson
Speaker Mike Johnson’s Rumored Sleeping Arrangements Sparked Major Controversy
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House Speaker Mike Johnson is causing quite a stir with rumors of his sleeping arrangements. The story remains unconfirmed, but it is said Johnson is bunking in his office.
The suspicion came about due to the near-constant presence of the politician’s security detail and various sightings of Johnson in the House gym, used by many overnighters.
Louisiana businessman and friend of Johnson’s, Ross Barrett, said, “He oftentimes spends the nights in his office.” It’s either a respectable sign of dedication or a tax workaround.
Johnson is hardly the first to be sleeping in the office. The practice was called into an ethics investigation in 2018 for the inappropriate use of taxpayer money.
A letter to Ethics Committee Chairwoman Susan Brooks stated how members who slept in the office overnight received free lodging, cable, security, cleaning, and other utilities.
Johnson’s new appointment comes with a substantial raise, but he is still not the most affluent politician. His staff have not commented publicly, and it's unlikely they ever will.