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Should You Skip Breakfast While Pregnant?
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You’ve heard it all of your life—“breakfast is the most important meal of the day”—but for many people, the mornings are just too chaotic to eat, and others simply don’t like breakfast foods. With today’s popular intermittent fasting, some people don’t eat their first meal until mid-morning, but when you are pregnant, breakfast takes on a whole new importance.
It's important to take the time to eat regularly throughout the day to stay balanced because your body is busy building another human being, and that tiny human is continuously using the ‌blood sugar in your body. If you skip meals, it's more likely your blood sugar will dip, and you will feel dizzy or light-headed, cranky, headachy, fatigued, and weak.
Although it seems counterintuitive, eating breakfast will help quell the nausea of morning sickness, and make it easier for your stomach to handle prenatal vitamins; in fact, taking prenatal vitamins without breakfast can cause intense nausea or vomiting. If breakfast foods aren’t appealing, snack on crackers or pretzels or dry cereal before getting out of bed.