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Should You Delete Your Period Tracking App?
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Period tracking apps are incredibly popular, whether they're used to plan pregnancy, avoid unwanted white-pants mishaps, or keep one’s general health in check. However, the overturn of Roe v. Wade and bans on abortion in many states have led many to delete their period trackers as a cautionary measure.
American companies that produce period tracker apps may be forced to share users' information on menstrual cycles and more during investigations for abortion-related crimes. This sensitive information includes when you got your period or when you missed one, and even your location, in case you're suspected of visiting a clinic.
Unfortunately, merely deleting your period tracker isn't enough to protect you, as the data may still be stored in the company’s servers. Furthermore, governments can use sophisticated forensic tools to extract information from common digital devices and apps, in order to prosecute people who have abortions in pro-life states.
Also, law enforcement can interrogate your anti-abortion acquaintances, who may betray your personal dealings and confirm that you've had an abortion. Even doctors can go against patient confidentiality when asked by the authorities; clearly, deleting your period tracking app is not a big solution, but it can't hurt to switch over to a paper calendar instead.